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This deviation was deleted

Vision: The vision is good and very well appealing in a more graceful sense, the idea of the pose presents just as how you like it to be "Not bold and in your face" but more relax, gentle and quiet eye catching. you can see every contour of the body line and more, and how the shadows show even more of the body. very much different from your usual sexual characters.

Originality: while on it's own it's very good, but really aside from the textures, the design in itself though simple is not quite original nor is it unique. As for the name, I shall note again, adding on -mon to the end of existing noun or term doesn't mean it has not been done the same for another. The pose is quiet well know already for the purpose you have use it for just to note. Also the same work that was done on the rest of the body is not shown if not clearly differs at the "hands" which will imply that this was drawn over image.

Technique: First off, the work you did to present the location of the light source is done very well, and the shadows to match to help even more to identify the light source direction and also use it define more subtle details on the body like the lines for the body shape more clearly noted at the calf of the leg, the side of the torso and up along the body to the shoulders. But even with all that will not hide that the patter for the lace is far too straight so much despite the curves and position of the body presents with the shading, one can take a ruler or straight edge and mark out the parallel lines of your lace pattern. (you can get away with it in smaller or hard to see areas, but do try to avoid or work on what you can in large and brighter areas)

Impact: There is a good nice impact with all the qualities all together, and the white areas help to lure the eye if not widen the view to take more of the body and it allows to eyes to ease from looking at the dark lines and the lace pattern. Now as for what takes away, is the font and how the name is presented, It doesn't reflect the the character or the intention of the image all together. The "hands" don't share the same quality as the calf of the right leg, the back of the shoulder leading under, and the top of the foot on the left leg ( the other two areas on the torso and face, I am assuming are more bathed in light with nothing to cause/cast shadow ). With how the rest of the body is presented, the hands regardless being the last or the first thing seen ( right-to-left or left-to-right ) throws off the figure.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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